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Take the burden out of rewards & recognition
Upgrade to the Rewards platform. The easiest way to send & track gift cards in a scalable way. Recipients choose from hundreds of top brands.
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Employee perks that actually get used
Upgrade to the Employee Perks platform. Give employees instant access to thousands of relevant discounts on any device.
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Automated pulse and eNPS surveys
Upgrade to the Employee Voice tool. Capture the right insights to uncover blindspots and drive engagement with our preset campaigns.
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Employee Voice
Marissa from Nectar

Instant recognition based on core values

Employees can attach points and a #companyvalue to shout-outs that will be posted in a public feed below

Recognize coworkers with a personal shout-out

Attach points and a #companyvalue to your shout-outs that will be posted in the public feed.

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Marissa from Nectar

Capture the positive pulse of your team

All shout-outs are posted to this public feed to create good vibes and break down cross-team silos, bringing everyone together

Here’s the Recognition Feed

See who’s received shout-outs.

Like, comment or add on points.

See who’s doing awesome work and like or comment to add your support.

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Marissa from Nectar

Easy Budgeting

Set a custom monthly allowance for each employee to receive. It resets every month so if they don't use it, they lose it.

10 points = $1 USD. You don’t pay for issued points, only points redeemed.

This is your monthly allowance

Each month you'll get an allowance that you can use to give to others in your shout-outs.

It resets every month so if you don't use it, you lose it. 10 points = $1

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Marissa from Nectar

Personalized Rewards

Employees can save the points they earn from others and use them to redeem rewards like digital gift cards or swag.

These are the points you’ve earned from others

These points don’t expire. Redeem them for gift cards or other rewards

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Marissa from Nectar

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