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Take the burden out of rewards & recognition
Upgrade to the Rewards platform. The easiest way to send & track gift cards in a scalable way. Recipients choose from hundreds of top brands.
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Employee perks that actually get used
Upgrade to the Employee Perks platform. Give employees instant access to thousands of relevant discounts on any device.
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Automated pulse and eNPS surveys
Upgrade to the Employee Voice tool. Capture the right insights to uncover blindspots and drive engagement with our preset campaigns.
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Employee Voice

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Peer Recognition Setup >

Set up monthly allowance


Set up monthly allowance

Add a monthly allowance that each employee will receive. They cannot use it for themselves, only to recognize others. Allowances don’t roll over to the next month so its a “use it or lose it” system. You aren’t charged for points given, only when an employee chooses to redeem points for rewards.

Monthly Allowance
{{ }} points
We suggest starting with 50. Typically 60% of this allowance is used.
Exchange Rate 10 points = 1 USD
Add payment method You can skip this step for now but in order for an employee to exchange their point for rewards, you must have a payment method on file.
{{[0].brand}} ending in {{[0].last4}} Expires {{[0].exp_month}}/{{[0].exp_year}} Change

Add company values


Add company values

Select company values or add your own

Each time someone sends kudos, they are required to add a company value.
You can change or update these later in the Settings tab.

No need to add a hashtag - Ex: passion, teamwork, fun

{{ }} Values

recognition example

Invite your team to Nectar


Invite your team to Nectar

How would you like to add your team?

Work Email

Send Invitations
upload image

Upload CSV file

Import names, email addresses & custom properties (department, role, location etc.)

Import Users

You can view a sample CSV file here

Ready to roll? Send launch email!

Ready to roll? Send launch email!

Below are a few resources and ideas to help you have a smooth kickoff.

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